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Reasons of a Low Sex Drive

Sex is just a normal activity in this society. Somewhere, right this minute, a couple or 3 people, or large number people are having sex. And somewhere in this earth as well, some people are suffering from low sex drive. Uh huh. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with a power to get a hard-on with just a second or to get wet without showering.

newsfilerorg_reasons-for-a-low-sex-driveThere are different reasons why a person lacks libido. Here, we will talk about the top reasons of low sexual desires so we could avoid it or do something about it in order to have a healthy sexual life. Admit it or not, each of us needs a dose of climax every now and then, to put big smiles on our faces.

Psychological Issues

newsfilerorg_psychological-issuesPsychological causes happen for both men and women. Experiencing fear, anxiety, depression and stress will of course, take our minds away from lusty images or flesh hunger. People feel confident and sexy when they have a carefree mind, it somehow makes them feel that they can do almost anything. And speaking of confidence, having a low self-esteem will give a psychological effect to one’s sex drive as well. When a person thinks too much of his/her physical appearance, he/she tend to be conscious with every detail of her/his body. This builds insecurity and will somewhat make him/her restrain from sex.

Therefore, if your mind is floating around, thinking of problems associated with money, self-insecurity or relationships and at the same time, you want to have a healthy sex life – you better not think of these things when you’re in the bedroom . The less you think of these, the more you will be sexually happy.

Physical Issues

There is a variety of physical reasons why one is suffering from lack of libido and the main causes are because of medical diseases and sexual dysfunctions.

  • Sexual Dysfunction

newsfilerorg_sexual-dysfunctionsWomen are known to complain about their partner’s decreased sex drive due to sexual dysfunctions. And the most famous men sexual dysfunctions are erectile dysfunction are premature ejaculation. But wait guys, don’t panic yet. Cause’ this mostly applies to men ages 60 years old and onwards. Plus, supplements are now available for you to take to increase your libido and let your cobra out.

Who says that only men suffer from these dysfunctions. Women have their own set sexual dysfunctions to think about as well. Women ages 20 and above can experience spasms of vagina, pain during the intercourse, vaginal dryness, urinary tract infection and the inability to orgasm. There are different methods and medications to try as well so your woman could feel better and you could hump and thrust without thinking if she’s in pain.

  • Medical Diseases

Suffering from diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and etcetera will of course decrease one’s desire for flesh.

Relationship Dilemmas

newsfilerorg_relationship-dilemmasOkay, so the first thing that would come to 99% of women’s minds when their partners are decreasing sexual desire towards them would be — infidelity. Yes, they would not think of sexual dysfunctions right away. Instead, they would jump into the conclusion that their partner is having an affair. And at some point, this could be true. Hold on ladies! Please be advised that this not apply to every men out there. So don’t go and beat the hell out of your husband or boyfriend yet. Here is an explanation of why this happened or could happen.

Sex has become a necessity to men. Not that he does not love you. It’s just that, men are into women who can satisfy them greatly in bed. Moreover, men sometimes do not find that with their partners and find them boring. So, they tend to find someone who can provide them with the erotic pleasure they are seeking. So, to stop this from happening or to win back your man. I suggest you to be more open about sex. Make yourself available for him and give him a steamy and hot, hot sex every once in awhile to keep him drooling over you.

Since boredom was mentionnewsfilerorg_relationship-dilemmas2ed above. Let me just say that not all men are unfaithful. And as stated above as well, maybe things inside the bedroom are not going too well and he finds it boring and leaves him with low libido. So same instructions as stated above. Also, try asking what positions or sex toys he like. Do some foreplay or watch adult videos together to set the mood. To be short, just have fun. This way, both of you will live a happy sex life.

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